ITALCO was established in Singapore in 2010 and is the manufacturer and Mega distributor of essenza lubricants in Asia Pacific. essenza is an Italian Brand of premium lubricating oils, greases and related products for the automotive, industrial and marine sectors.

During the past five years, ITALCO’s reputation in the lubricants market exceeded expectations, as a result we were successful in increasing the distribution network within the assigned territories by successfully appointing sub-distributors with the knowledge and skills required to market the brand in their respective countries. We were also successful in making business tools available to our customers which provided an added value to their organisation.

ITALCO was named the best ITALIAN SME in Singapore by the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Singapore (ICCS) in 2013 and since then, we have grown leaps and bounds. Our success was driven by our partners, staff and our unwavering commitment to providing excellent service and delivering high quality products.

ITALCO is recruiting new Distributors and Licensees in areas not covered by existing network.


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